Workshop: Governance of the electronic management systems used in Interreg

Art of Cooperation - Governance of the electronic management systems used in Interreg panel discussion summary

This workshop offered insight to key aspects of monitoring system models used by cooperation programmes in different areas of Europe. We focused on the background and the history of monitoring systems including main factors that influenced the choice of system model and development, the organisational set-up including stakeholder involvement, as well as strengths and lessons learnt. Demonstration and discussion of functionalities were beyond the scope of the session, however. Our panellists introduced their monitoring systems in detail.

All four systems represent a different evolutionary path, but the predecessor systems and the national legal framework always play a decisive role. The team dealing with the IT system development is also a key element to succeed.

Decision-makers should ideally look into different monitoring systems/models now – not only their functionalities but also their background, organisational setting, project management setup, budgetary limits, strengths and lessons learnt – before kicking off the monitoring system project for their post-2027 programmes. We know very well that such projects cannot be launched early enough.

Moderator: Szabolcs CSAHÓK - Programme and Financial Manager, INTERACT Programme

Panellists: Adrienn FUTÓ, dr. - Director (representing INTERREG+ IT system of Hungary-Slovakia, Hungary-Serbia IPA, Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine ENI/NEXT and Hungary-Croatia Interreg Programmes)
Robert SCHULZ  - Senior Expert Digitalisation and IT, Interreg Baltic Sea Region (representing BAMOS+ IT system)
Genia Ortis – Programme Manager, INTERACT Programme (representing JEMS IT system)
Jaroslav PAZDERA – Officer, Interreg Czechia-Poland Programme (representing MS2021+ IT system)